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Javez Java 


Javez Java’s birth was a collaboration of three luminous minds: the creative mind (me); the artsy mind (my daughter) and the business mind (my lovely wife). After careful consideration, our thoughts amalgamated and infused my middle name (Javez) to Java, a coffee synonym.  Together, the name “Javez Java” was conceived, and the business was launched. Javez Java’s coffee uses only high-quality beans!  Our different selections have a variety of notes, which range from sweet, spicy, nutty, fruity, and earthy to provide our customers with a well-balanced coffee.  We are passionate about coffee and serving you! 


 Become a Wholesale Partner  


Are you a restaurant, cafe, brewery, hotel or office or any business that would like to offer our locally roasted coffee?  We are interested in talking to you.  Javez Java will partner with you to provide our coffees to your business at a great price.   Please send us an email at  or call us Monday-Friday at  872-222-6508.    We look forward to partnering with you. 


We understand how important coffee products are to your business, which is why we will deliver the products to your doorstep. Are you in another state. No problem.  We still want to work with you. Call us about discounted shipping!


Have a question about your coffee?  Call us. We’re here to support you. Give us a call to speak with one of our associates. 


We offer distribution across the city, the region and the nation. Contact us for details. Equipment can be provided upon request. 


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