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Green Label 232

Delightfully Blue

Delightfully Blue is a bold and bright Yirgacheffe bean. This regal bean has a milky body with floral and clean fruity notes.  These succulent notes will bring pleasure to your palate and invigorate your day.


El Salvador

El Salvador is a sublime location and a surfer's paradise.  This paradise also grows succulent coffee!  Javez Java's El Salvador coffee has a dominant flavor;  bitter- sweet chocolate and delicate fruity notes.  A cup will revitalize you for the day.


Colombian coffee notes are slightly creamy yet bold.  You will taste sweet orange, slight nutty almond, and sweet vanilla finish.  This cup of Java will power up your day!

Costa Rica

Costa Rica coffee is delightful beans with notes of brown sugar, sweet chocolate, and a fruity orange finish.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a delicate body of caramel, malt, and light citrus notes.  A cup of our Java will ignite you day!

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